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Okanagan Valley travel guide
Keremeos, Similkameen Valley, British Columbia, B.C., Canada.
Directions to Keremeos,  BC, Canada in the Okanagan Valley
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How to Get to Keremeos
Keremeos, Similkameen Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Highway Sign Hwy #3 Hwy #3A

Directions to Keremeos, Similkameen Valley, BC

Vancouver, B.C, Canada and Bellingham Washington, USA: From Bellingham, south of the border, travel Highway #5 to Vancouver, BC, Canada. From Vancouver enjoy the drive along Hwy #1 to the junction in the community of Hope, B.C. At the junction there are three highway routes leading into the interior of BC. Hwy #3 connects best to Keremeos in the Similkameen Valley.

Seattle and Spokane Washington, U.S.A: From Seattle (drive east) and Spokane (drive west) travel on Hwy # 90 to Cle Elum. Take the turn off heading north on Hwy #97 towards Wenatchee. Continue driving north on Highway #97 to Oroville, USA located just south of the Osoyoos Canada/US Border Crossing. Continue driving to Osoyoos. In Osoyoos take the Hwy #3 turn off to Keremeos, BC.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Travel Hwy #1 Hwy through Banff National Park into the province of British Columbia. Continue on Hwy #1 to the community of Sicamous, BC where your travels begin to take you south along Hwy #97. Follow Hwy #97 to the top of the Okanagan Valley and the community of Vernon. From Vernon continue south to on Hwy #97 to Osoyoos, B.C., Canada. In Osoyoos take the Hwy #3 turn off to Keremeos, BC.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Travel Hwy #16 from Alberta to Jasper National Park and Mt. Robson Provincial Park. Continue driving the mountain highway to the junction of Hwy #1 and Hwy #5. Take Hwy #5 south to the community of Merrit. In Merrit take Highway #97C east to the Okanagan Valley community of Kelowna. From Kelowna travel south on Hwy #97 to Osoyoos. In Osoyoos take the Hwy #3 turn off to Keremeos, BC.

Vernon, B.C., Canada 159 Kms 99 Mi.
Kelowna, B.C., Canada 113 Kms 70 Mi.
Penticton, BC, Canada 46 Kms 29 Mi.
Osoyoos, BC, Canada 48 Kms 30 Mi.
Revelstoke, BC, Canada 305 Kms 190 Mi.
Prince George, BC, Canada 709 Kms 441 Mi.
Williams Lake, BC, Canada 471 Kms 293 Mi.
Kamloops, BC, Canada 240 Kms 149 Mi.
Victoria, BC, Canada 388 Kms 241 Mi.
Whistler, BC, Canada 470 Kms 292 Mi.
Vancouver, BC, Canada 351 Kms 217 Mi.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 702 Kms 436 Mi.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 906 Kms 563 Mi
Seattle, Washington, USA 459 Kms 285 Mi.

Directions to Keremeos
Similkameen Valley, Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

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Keremeos, B.C., Directions, Distance Charts : Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

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